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Selasa, 22 Desember 2009

Daftar Hosting PHP dan MySQL Gratis

We can give free a hosting to the person with a surname of Zemskov if he enough celebrated personality, for this purpose address in administration of a resource.

However, if to you it is necessary a hosting given free (free web hosting), you can use one of free services of a hosting of sites whom now on the Internet a plenty has opened. Free hostings now in many cases on quality of given services can will be compared and to some paid hostings.

The list of free hostings almost every month replenishes with new players who aspire to offer better parameters a hosting of a platform (PHP and MySQL already practically norm) therefore the competition in sphere of free accommodation of sites is great enough.

The small review of a free hosting:

    Services of a free hosting (free hosting) for beginners, without special "excesses":

  • - the Free hosting with the unlimited size of a site - the Most popular service for beginners on the Internet as the hosting does not support scripts and databases, however is more than 100 patterns for fast creation of a site from zero, plus is the most necessary services for a site: the Guest book, the Personal forum, a chat, Communities, Interrogations and Questionnaires, the counter on pages, etc. Supports FTP the report.
  • - a free web a hosting for a simple site - 50 Mb disk space, FTP access, absence of scripts and databases, advertising on sites, protection against creation a file-archives, an opportunity of use on the site of the guest book, voting, counters of visitings, and also other services
  • - the Free hosting without banners - 32 Mb , FTP access, is not present server scripts (PHP and ASP, etc.) except for preestablished CGI scripts - the Forum, the Guest book, Voting, the Counter, the email form. There are serious restrictions on the placed information, and also activity of a site.
  • - Service of a free hosting - 10 Mb , absence of scripts and databases. This project also mostly for beginners, therefore the control panel a site is clear enough, and there is a designer of sites.
  • - the Unlimited free hosting without advertising and banners-
    Offers very tempting conditions of a hosting of sites, down to opportunity to connect the domain of the second level, however if you wish to create very dynamic site alas, server scripts except for SSI are not present, databases too are absent.
  • www. - the Free Belarus hosting - the Hosting on Belarus portal offers stably low parameters of a hosting - any scripts and databases, but to beginning сайто-builders and such will descend. :-)
  • www.SiteCity.Ru - the Free hosting based on patterns - So-called a sample hosting as on a site it is possible to make only that allow to make though also various enough, but nevertheless registered by developers once and for all patterns of sites. Only for lazy beginners.
  • www. - the Free hosting for a simple site - strongly cut down version of a paid hosting which purpose is attraction of clients. Places - 100 Mb , traffic - 1200 Mb . There Are no scripts, databases and other useful functions.

  • The list of a free hosting (free php mysql hosting) for more serious sites, with support of scripts PHP and databases MySQL :

  • - the Free hosting for interesting projects - 50 Mb for the beginning (then beyond all bounds), PHP, MySQL, CGI/Perl and SSI, FTP - will be given to you only in the event that your project will interest administration of a resource, so this service precisely not for homepages. Put a banner on your sites.
  • - the Good free hosting with PHP and MySQL - 100 Mb for the beginning, then can it is necessary add how much, possible to connect the domain of the second level, FTP, PHP, MySQL, Shell, Log files are practically professional paid hosting, and all for accommodation of a banner on your site!
  • - a hosting free with CGI and PHP - 100 Mb under a site at absence of a database do not allow to use any serious scripts for a site, in fact the majority of forums (phpbb for example) the database demand. Put advertising on a site, however all for 5 $ in a month can remove advertising, connect the domain 2 levels, include .htaccess, and allow to use MySQL. Though now it is possible to purchase an inexpensive paid hosting from 1 $ in a month.
  • - One of the most popular free hostings - For accommodation of a banner on your site you receive a unlimited place under your scripts, support PHP4, access to database MySQL, SSI, Perl and FTP access to a site.
  • - One of the most popular free hostings - absolutely free hosting (free hosting) c PHP without banners, it would be possible to name the leader, however is one serious restriction - databases are not supported, and without them qualitative sites will not make.
  • - the Hosting the company offers free service - very good conditions of accommodation of sites which in most cases approach for sites focused on the Russian segment of the Internet (is restriction on a parity of the traffic Russian to foreign).
  • www. - the Latvian free hosting with PHP - limited Enough by opportunities of use in various needs a hosting, At additional expense is connected with databases MySQL.
  • - the Foreign free hosting - the Hosting basically intended for attraction of additional clients a hosting - Russian is impossible for the provider as this hosting do not give :) those to whom he is most of all necessary and limited he on language of pages of a site.
  • - the Free hosting with PHP 5 and MySQL 5 - very tempting offer among all other free hostings - parameters very favourably differ even from many paid hostings. 2GB a disk and 10GB traffic! Various exotic Ruby On Rails and other popular functions used by web designers ( CURL, XML DOM, GD Library ) Is supported and main all this is absolute without advertising!

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